Stephanie Schuckman I am passionate about students of all ages gaining education to unlock paths within their current circumstances in order to set them on their lifelong journey of personal and professional growth. This motivation brought me to the University of Cincinnati when I began my graduate student career at UC, pursuing Leadership in Online Learning courses in commitment to my own education.

I launched my career with Fidelity Investments on the verge of technological breakthroughs in the financial industry in the U.S. and worldwide. Since experiencing firsthand the power of new technologies changing the traditional trading marketplace, I have led the creation, delivery and post-evaluation of training in new technologies and its effects on learning styles and traditional modalities of education, incorporating the full ADDIE lifecycle. This is crucial to redesigning existing training programs, as well as developing learning strategies that will leverage eLearning and other delivery methods that will support the acceleration of learning as measured in business performance.

I currently support UCFlex/SAP HR & Financials and CQ/Communique by Adobe web authoring softwares, creating the first two online training courses for both at the university.